Thursday, 3 June 2010

USA and our students at PFUR University in Moscow

Recently a group of students from Omaha, the USA, visited our university. It was an exciting week for all, full of events and sightseeings. There was a conference with guests from other Moscow universities and on-line with 2 other Russian universities. The USA students made their presentations in English and Russian(!!!). I think exchange projects are so important and educating for all -studentsa and teachers. But unfortunately they are rare. That's why the Internet projects like your blog-class provides great opportunity.

When do you have summer holiday? When do your exams start? Do you have exams or just credits? Our students have both.



  1. Hi, Natalie! Thanks so much for your posting! And what a great experience that of sharing some days with students from other countries!
    I'll leave the answers to your questions to my students... ;-)

  2. hello Natalie... I like the picture, is seem to be a beautiful place. thanks you very much to post and spend you time writing us!