Thursday, 25 March 2010

hi, from Boston!

Hi, dear students!

I'm at the Teachers' Convention in Boston right now, enjoying the sessions and the company of colleagues from ALL over the world. And also remembering you..., as we keep talking about our students, of course!! And about the possibility of engaging you in a project which might give you the chance to participate, learn and share another space, different from the one you are used to, and very rewarding, since you'll have the chance to communicate safely and authentically with people from different countries...

I hope you're all well, start thinking about what aspects of other cultures you are most likely to profit from..., and to enjoy the most. We'll be sharing that when I'm back.

Very warmly, from beautiful Boston,


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Expectations. Vol II

Hi people! Sorry about the delay in contacting....But here it goes...My name is Cecilia, and as everybody could see, I am the eldest member of the group...I study History at university and I hope to become a professor soon. I have studied English since I was a child and I approved my First Certificate Exam several years ago. When I came to Rosario to enter the university I had to leave my study of English aside because I did not have so much time. Now, when I am finishing my career, I want to take it up again... I believe that I will learn a lot with you and that this is going to become a great group!! I truly believe that for learning and friendship, age is not a boundary....Because of that, I am sure that this is going to be such a nice experience to all!
See you tomorrow!


Saturday, 13 March 2010

CAE 2010!

Hi everybody! My name is Luciana and I'm 18. I'm studying Accountancy at University and I play hockey at Provincial Club. I expect this year we can improve our English in order to be more prepared for the future, and also I hope we get the chance to make friends =)

first post!

hi everybody! i am sofia y and i am 18! this year i am going to start university!
From this course i hope we can make a nice group of friends and make the best of the time learning english
see you

Friday, 12 March 2010


hi everybody, i can finally create my blog!
well, you know my name, it´s camila.
i am 16 and i love playing voleyboll, that´s why i am practising it in GER.
i am still on the school. this is my last year and though i can not stand it any more i am very happy cause i am going to Barilo!
from this year i hope we can all make a very nice group and also learn a lot!
best wishes everybody!

Hello ! we are Luchi and Mariu, we expect to have a good year, and learn new things. It's a difficult year but we are not afraid ! jajaja :)


My Name in Julian and I'm a 17-year-old student from Maristas School, in Rosario. About me, I can say that I love playing tennis and going out with my friends. I'm also a musician. I play the Bass Guitar in a band, and we already have a few good songs!. I expect yo have a good time this year and to reach good english level at the end of this year.Well, see you everybody!


My name is Barto and I'm a 17 year old student from La Salle school. I'm a huge fan of films and music, and also love Tennis & Swimming, two sports I practice weekly. What I expect from this course, is to acquire the necessary skills to improve my English and hopefully, pass the exam with a good grade as well!


Hi all, im santigo and my expectations for this year is to improve my english to feel confortable speaking and writing to any person in the world.


Hi everybody, my name is Francisco and i´m 17 years old. I´m coursing CAE here in cultura because i hope to keep on learning english, so i can expand my communicating skills. Also , it will help me in the future when working. Finally, i hope i can finally watch friends without reading the subtitles.
See ya!


Hi everybody! My name is Diego and i expect to have a good english level at the end of the year, at least to pass CAE...., see you in class guys, good luck!


Hi Everybody! I'm Georgina an I'm 16 years old. I expect to learn lot of things this year.
See you

Our first post

welcome everybody!


My name is Máximo, I am student of Superior de Comercio School. I hope this could help us to improve our English and what I expect from this class is to learn more about this language to reach my goals.

What we expect

We are Ariela and Antonella. We both are 17 years old and we've been to Cultura since 2004. Firstly, we expect to keep on learning English, a language we like very much.
Besides, the idea of meeting foreign people excited us very much. It's almost like a dream come true to have the possibility to chat with others who study or speak the same language (English). It's also a way of testing our skills; it will sure help us with our goal: to keep on learning.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Welcome to our Cyberspace!

Hi, dear CAE 2010 students!

This will be the virtual extension of our class... Here we will get to know each other better, enhance our learning, and participate actively to develop the four skills while sharing different sources and tools and exchanging views on various topics.

Let's help each other make this year more enjoyable to all!