Thursday, 25 March 2010

hi, from Boston!

Hi, dear students!

I'm at the Teachers' Convention in Boston right now, enjoying the sessions and the company of colleagues from ALL over the world. And also remembering you..., as we keep talking about our students, of course!! And about the possibility of engaging you in a project which might give you the chance to participate, learn and share another space, different from the one you are used to, and very rewarding, since you'll have the chance to communicate safely and authentically with people from different countries...

I hope you're all well, start thinking about what aspects of other cultures you are most likely to profit from..., and to enjoy the most. We'll be sharing that when I'm back.

Very warmly, from beautiful Boston,



  1. Hi Rita!! How are you doing? Here, in Rosario, everything is as usual..!!
    Yesterday, we did not have classes...because of the "holiday" due to the 24th March...mmm...sad day actually...But we did have classes on Tuesday with Laura resulted in a nice class!
    Mmmm..I dont know what else to
    ...I hope that eveything there goes fantastic! Keep on enjoying !!
    I must go and finish my homework for tomorrow!!
    Very warmly, from not so beautiful Rosario (hehehe..),

  2. hi Rica! I am very happy about you! here is all very good:D laura is an excellent teacher!
    enjoy your time in boston!
    see you

  3. hi dear rita . how are u and your teaching i hope u will enjoy your time in bosto