Monday, 21 June 2010



I'm not at college yet, but I can tell you something about exams because my older brother is at second year.

They have partial tests throughout the year and final exams in July and December, which they have to pass in order to be able to do the next course. I don't think there are credits for doing extra tasks, but what I do know is that they usually have to present a paper and then a board made up of professors will ask them questions about it.

As regards summer holidays, they start at the end of November and finish on the first days of March. However, undergraduate students have to sit for exams in November and December, and may have to study during the holidays if they have to resit an exam. Their classes generally start in the middle of March.

Today, winter is starting here in Argentina, even though it has been very cold lately.

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  1. Nice posting geor!

    It´s totally true that it has been very cold lately... maybe since may, i don´t remember exactly.


  2. Hi Georgina and Santiago! It's the last day of school here today (primary and secondary) and we've just entered summer. College and university students are busy working on their exam - they too had partial exams throughout the school year and are now taking final ones. :-)
    Warm regards from Slovenia

  3. Hi, Georgina and Santiago,
    It's so exciting to be not only in different countries but in different parts of the world. Yes, we are in the middle of summer and you are meeting winter, I just didn't think about it.
    And we had unusually hot June!
    Congratulations on fantastic football match! Our football is never happy. I'll see your team next match too !!!
    All the best,