Saturday, 10 April 2010


We discussed the topic in class and we decided we are keen to hear about the lifestyles of other people in other countries, about the values in their societies, about their political and social situations. We cannot travel to see them face-to-face, but thanks to the Internet we will be able to expand our knowledge via this blog, and to exchange ideas and opinions.

We are eager to read what teachers of English have to say about all this. And we'll also love to know how the young people in their countries spend their leisure time and enjoy themselves.

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  1. Speaking about life in Russia I would like to introduce a point which is now heatedly discussed in our society – reforms in education. For many years we had rather a rigid education system - now we are introducing radical changes which are not easy to implement, though these changes have been introduced gradually. One very controversial point is unified exams our school graduates have to take when they finish school. The results of these exams are used to be admitted at universities. Previously, we had final school exams and entrance exams to universities, and it was a double stress for pupils and parents. But unified exams turned out also a big stress.
    Then Russia is joining the Bologna process in education, introducing bachelor/master programs. We used to have 5 years of studies at university with receiving a diploma of a specialist and plus 3 years of post-graduate program to get a candidate of science degree.
    Education system is getting more flexible, but many people are against it. Changes are always difficult, especially in big countries where it is so difficult to control the whole process.
    It would be very interesting to know if there are any changes in education in your country.