Friday, 16 April 2010



  1. You managed, Santi, CONGRATS! (it's yours and who else's...?)
    Do not worry about the size of the video, clicking on it people can see the large version! ;)

  2. Sorry, Nina, it's by cliccking on "YouTube" that you can go to the site and watch it diretly...
    And THANK YOUUUU for your juicy comments!!!!

  3. Hi Santiago and Rita,
    Thanks for sharing - I could enlarge your video alright from this Glogster here. I hope there will never be a hit for a ww3. I still remember vividly stories my grandma told me when I was a kid... She survived ww1 and ww2.
    Love and peace from Slovenia,

  4. Hi, dear Sasha!!! So very happy to see you here!!! These are my 2010 students, it's their first exposure to the world, so they're amazed at seeing how people from different countries are joining in! I know you enough to say it's MY pleasure to see you here..., but these stds don't... ;-)
    Would you please post a "new entry" and say something about your country so that they learn a bit about it? THANKS A LOT!!!

  5. Dear Santiago and Rita,
    I am a TEFL major PhD student at Alzahra university, Tehran, Iran and recently have been engaged analyzing web 2.0 potentials for language teaching and learning. I found your Glog really inspirational. It made me intersted in the tool. Thnx for sharing it :-)
    Fatemeh Nami

  6. Firstly, thank you all for making such encouraging comments! The glog was made by me and Pedro.

    Nina, to enlarge it you have to put your pointer where it says, as soon as you do that, three links will appear, please click the second one (´VIEW FULL SIZE´).

    Saša, i can´t wait to check your new entry telling us something about your country.

    Fatemah, i´m glad you found the Glog inspirational. It was a delight to share it other :-)

    Best wishes,
    Santiago Diez

  7. Ahoj, Rita and students,
    it's always a pleasure to visit your spaces. :-) May holidays are starting in Slovenia today - there's an opening concert in my home town tonight - by Katalena - an etno folk group I like a lot I can't wait!
    To learn a bit about Slovenia, I thought perhaps you guys might be interested in some of our blog posts at
    I put these together with the help of my ex students. What do you think?
    Looking forward to coming back. Hugs from SLO