Thursday, 21 October 2010

Second Life

As you were interested in seeing a screenshot of a SL session, here it is. The person you see on the screen is Dennis Newson, a teacher of English in Germany and friend of mine, giving a talk on the integration of SL into Language Learning.

In the audience there is a "girl" sitting on a chair, seen from the back, with long brown hair --that's me ;-)


  1. Rita!! I`ve been peeping at Second Life a little bit through YouTube....its quite stunning, isnt it???? I promise to inquiry deeper next week !!!
    See you!!!

  2. Querida Rita!

    When I saw you in Dennis'/Denos/Osna Cantab's presentation, it made me think about giving SL one more try. Maybe I'll work up the courage later this week!

    Abrazos desde Phoenix—