Friday, 13 August 2010

Hi, dear students,

So loooooong!!!
I myself miss your postings and comments, so I am writing again, this time, to tell you I've just opened a new space for us, a differente site which looks like a book..., where we will share pages with more information about ourselves...

In case you have not received my invitation, HERE is the site.

I look forward to seeing you there!



  1. hello, i'm really new at this things of blogs and stuff, but i'm interested in it, and i'd like to add that i felt at ease today in class, with my new classmates. Of course i miss my former ones, but their too much of teenagers, and fortunately i've seen some adult faces today. ok that's it so far. I'd also like to propose some topics to write about, for example, sharing our opinions about public and private education at universities, or, talking about the most difficult aspects of english study for each of us. ok, this is my contribution today, see you!!

  2. I tried to see the latest photos, but I was never able to. Can you send me an invitation, too?